Meet The Shipyard Team

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Our team of student workers is dedicated to providing positive experiences and high quality products to our customers. Get to know us below and follow our Shipyard journey on the blog.


Jennifer, General Manager

Major: Accounting

Year: Rising Sophomore

Hometown: Cedartown, Georgia

"I am excited to see the store transform as a whole, and to be able to lead a team of amazing workers as their General Manager!"


Jansen, Associate

Major: International Management, German Minor

Year: Rising Senior

Hometown: Macon, Georgia

"We have made tremendous success and I am excited for the opening. What I am most excited about is the student enterprise section of the store. The Shipyard will allow students to sell their creations and learn some business experience."


Reilly, Associate

Major: Pre-Med

Year: Rising Sophomore

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

I joined this team about a month ago and have been so proud of the progress made so far. We look forward to creating a more welcoming, efficient, and affordable campus store for our Berry friends that are coming back to campus soon!


Wesley, Associate

Major: Accounting, Spanish Minor

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Calhoun, Georgia

"My time at The Shipyard has been amazing due to my co-workers because we are more than that, we are a team. I am super excited for opening day to see all the customers come in and see our store!"


Caleb, Associate

Major: Marketing / Management, Computer Science Minor

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Braselton, Georgia

"Since recently joining the Shipyard team I have been able to learn and do a lot of new things. We are still making sure everything is being set up perfectly for our grand opening. I can’t wait to see the progress we make here in the coming semester!"

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