Weekly Update from Reilly

Posted by Jennifer Bunch on

My name is Reilly Thomas and I joined the Shipyard team around mid-June. This is the first time I have ever worked for a Berry Enterprise, and even though this job doesn’t specifically relate to my pre-med major, I have learned so much working here. My favorite part of working at the Shipyard is how collaborative the job is. This week, I have been working specifically on inventory. This means whenever a new shipment comes in, I count how many we receive and keep track of it. Then, I put some of each product that arrives on display in the store, and make room to keep the rest in stock in the back. This can seem like a daunting task, and it took me a lot of time when I initially worked on it alone, but some of my other student co-workers offered to help, and we developed a system that went so much faster when we worked together. 
Now, going through inventory looks more like a 30 minute task rather than a few hours. I am excited for us to eventually get in all of the inventory so we can see how the store will look with everything in it.

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